First two days completed with a mild success if you’d ask me. As amateur filmmakers we have made buckets of mistakes here and there but I’ve learned a lot already. The list of DOS and DON’TS is growing. I’ve managed to slap together the footage to see the flow, and one area that will need work is audio. I’m a sucker for good sound design and it sounds like I will have work something out with what I have. Another big issue I start to notice is the white balance being off on certain shots. While that’s not exactly a heart-breaker, I think I will manually rework white balance in post. Shot by shot, scene by scene. Luckily my laptop is handling the full HD format rather nicely. No hiccups yet. I will be posting screenshots over next few days. I’m excited for Day 3 that comes this Saturday.

Trying to put together a group of dedicated filmmakers isn’t exactly a walk in the park. I need to work on my organization skills. Fuck.

I’d like to thank everyone who submitted the audition video.

All of them are quite impressive.
And it’s amazing that I actually got anyone willing to read the part of Mara in the first place. When I wrote the script I was angry at a girl who’s name is not Mara but happens to be a lot like her. At times I feel like I painted her a little too vibrant but all the positive feedback just goes to show that it creates a strong character. I think we should all thank the real “Mara” for the inspiration. You’ll always hold a special place in my heart.

Anyways, I can only select one actress. There’s only one Mara.

“A film - especially when it’s a personal film - is going to hit somebody or it’s not. There’s nothing you can do about it.”
David Lynch

Thank you all for the submissions! We’ll be reviewing on Saturday so there’s still time to turn in the videos. I can’t wait to get this part of the production out of the way. We’ll be contacting you shortly to see if you could come in for a meeting/table read in upcoming weeks.

I’m excited…are you?


Teaser poster #483 (approximately).

For past ten hours I sat in my living room consuming unhealthy amount of coffee and worked up some pre-production. Much needed stuff that I’ve been putting aside for weeks. Storyboards are coming up slowly. It’s a tedious process if you ask me but it needs to be done. A shot-list is complete and shooting script is in works as I type. I’m waiting for few words from the DoP before I finalize this draft.

This reminds me…I wrote another “final draft”. Minor, unnoticeable changes and for now it shall be “final”. For how long? A few days at least. But until further notice…it’s “final”.

Almost all primary locations are locked in. It won’t be easy shooting in public but it’s doable like pretty much everything else in this short film.

Important on set position that I still need to fill in;
Script Supervisor: is a member of a film crew responsible for maintaining the motion picture’s internal continuity and for recording the production unit’s daily progress in shooting the film’s screenplay. It is very important role as there is a lot of V.O (voice overs) and it will be up to the script supervisor to keep the track during the shooting.
Art DirectorVarious artists may create or develop specific parts of an art piece or scene; but it is the charge of a sole art director to supervise and unify the vision.
Camera Operator(s): We’re shooting with Canon T3i and various lenses. The camera operator is responsible for physically operating the camera and maintaining composition and camera angles throughout a given scene or shot. This position is open to a few different cats as it is usually very tiring process. We might want to swap periodically to achieve best footage.
Boom Operator(s): Boom, as in boom-microphone but also as the boom pole. It’s not exactly heavy thing but after awhile it also gets tiresome. It’s best to have a few boom operators handy so the sound will be best it could be and sound is very important part of video production. We’re shooting video and recording sound separate.
Sound Recordist(s): We will record the sound with Zoom H1. It’s small yet gets the job done. Your job will be to monitor the sound levels and work with the boom operator. Sound Design Director will give you any cues and should be able to answer any questions.
Grip(s) Lighting and rigging “technicians” but really just about any extra work on the set. There could never be too many grip(s).
Catering Service Director: Unlike on actual set, the catering director on this short will help providing food for cast & crew within the limited budget. It’s really a matter of finding good deals, knowing the right people, and asking for a few favors. I will provide the budget so no worries about that.
Safety Director: Basically someone who can be the mom on the set and provide the safety for the cast & crew. It sounds really lame but I can assure you it’s not.

And of course we’re still seeking for someone to fill in the role of Mara. There will be casting call soon so keep an eye out for that.

Storyboards in progress. Storyboards in progress. Storyboards in progress. Storyboards in progress. Storyboards in progress. Storyboards in progress. Storyboards in progress. Storyboards in progress. Storyboards in progress. Storyboards in progress.

Storyboards in progress.